Plan 2023 – 2024

As a school, we are always working hard to improve the quality of education for our children, whilst balancing this with encouraging and supporting them to be happy, calm and responsible future citizens. This was celebrated by Ofsted in November 2022.

However, we know that we can be better and, more importantly, we want to be better and so, in 2023-2024, we are working on the following key areas:

  • End points, vocabulary and assessment in humanities (history, RE and art)
  • Opportunities for reading and writing in humanities
  • Continue to improve reading for lowest 20% in KS2
  • Raising Attainment with Wellbeing -supporting all children; language of emotions;online safety;improving our range of clubs and providing wider opportunities for all children
  • Cultural diversity – both inside and outside the classroom

Each area has a detailed action plan and all staff support eachother to work towards these goals.