Admissions Information

For school admissions information and access to an electronic application form, please use this link to visit the School Admissions page of the North Yorkshire County Council website.

You can use north Yorkshire County Council interactive maps to find out what catchment area you live in.

For further information please refer to our admissions policy.


Decisions regarding admission into the Upper Foundation stage are made by the LA, having regard to the LA parental preference form and the LA’s admission criteria which is as follows:

  • Children with a statement of SEN naming this school
  • Children in public care for whom the school has been expressed as a preference
  • Children who have special, social or medical reasons for admission
  • Children living in the normal area of the school who have listed it as their first preference
  • Children living in the normal area of the school who have listed it as a preferred school, but whose higher preferences elsewhere have not been met and where a place elsewhere would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources
  • Children from outside the normal area of the school who have a brother or a sister at the school
  • Children from outside the normal area who live closest to the school using the nearest available walking route

There is one intake into the Upper Foundation class (Reception) for each academic year.
Children develop at different rates and we strive to cater for individual needs. It has been our experience that children settle well into school routines after a careful induction period.

The induction for Foundation Stage children starting full-time in September will be as follows:

Week 1-attend 2 half days and 1 full day
Week 2 onwards –attend all week (full time in school)

Children who have not attended our Lower Foundation Stage (Nursery) are invited to visit the Upper Foundation Stage to meet the staff and children who will be in their class and look at our provision.

The aim of these meetings is to help the children become familiar with their new environment in the classroom and the school and to give them confidence about starting school.

There will be a meeting in the summer term, prior to your child’s entry into the UFS. At this meeting you will be given all the relevant information. You will also have the opportunity to talk to the Head Teacher and the UFS teacher and support staff.