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 Leyburn Primary School  Improvement Plan 2014-17 

                                                                          ‘Inspiring us to be the best we can be’  



Leyburn Primary School  values being at the heart of the local community. We believe in working and learning together to develop all aspects of the child, giving them the skills to be confident young people, able to play an active role as adults in modern society. Children are trusted and given the freedom to learn within the boundaries of what is expected from them. We aim to provide the best academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural education possible and we expect all involved with the school to contribute to this.


We would like to:  

  • maximise our use of school grounds and immediate locality ;
  • plan for a wider range of visits and visitors to reflect life beyond the local community ; 
  • improve our provision in  ICT and computing to maintain its relevance ;
  • develop and strengthen creativity across the school in all areas of the curriculum; 
  • increase the rigour with which we teach  and assess fundamental skills for all groups of children; 
  • strengthen pupil voice and leadership across all areas of the school;
  • develop and strengthen SMSC across the school.


We have:  

  • a good building and grounds;  
  • a good reputation within the community;  
  • a supportive and committed Governing body;  
  • an enthusiastic and committed staff ; 
  • quality resources ;
  • a commitment to sport & sporting events ; 
  • high expectations of staff  is reflected in children’s behaviour.  


All actions are driven by an unwavering commitment to improving outcomes for all children.  


School development planning is a continuous process. Consequently, this School Development Plan Summary is an organic document, outlining goals and current plans. As it is not rigid, it will alter as evaluation and reviews occur at times during the year.  Our whole learning community will continue to be involved in this process through consultation, helping to build capacity for future improvement.  

This plan sets out how we aim to not only to maintain performance, but also to raise overall school standards, individual pupil achievement and to place staff development at the heart of school improvement.  

Our 3 year development plan (2014-17) has focussed on each area and has secured improvement in all aspects.


In 2014 -15 we:

  • undertook a full review of the school;
  • supported staff development at all levels;
  • invested in high quality and appropriate CPD for all staff;
  • focussed on improvements in EYFS to ensure long-term impact for all children as they move through the school;
  • invested in appropriate resources in reading, phonics and maths;
  • invested time in a systematic curriculum planning and provision review;
  • streamlined and clarified provision across the school in all areas;
  • improved, challenged and focussed leadership in all areas of the school;
  • reflected at key points throughout the year to ensure that our stated vision and aims were maintained.


Our actions improved:

  • provision and outcomes in EYFS;
  • provision in phonics across the school;
  • consistency in the approach of the teaching and assessment of fundamental, core skills;
  • consistency in planning and assessment across the whole school;
  • leadership at all levels in school;
  • PE so that we achieved the Sainsbury's Silver Award.

In 2015-16 we:

  • embedded our approach to teaching, learning and assessment;
  • introduced ‘lesson study’ across all phases;
  • embedded the use of ‘Big Maths’ across the school;
  • strengthened personal development, behaviour and welfare across the school;
  • improved outcomes for all children in core subjects;


Our actions improved:

  • fluency in maths;
  • reading for all groups of all children;
  • outcomes in the higher curriculum expectations;
  • secured improvement in phonics and EYFS;
  • improved outcomes in grammar, punctuation and spelling;
  • improved attendance;
  • extended nursery provision.

In 2016-17 we:

  • joined YCAT;
  • ensured secure school business and office management;
  • improved outcomes for most children, including disadvantaged groups;
  • strengthened the teaching and learning of reading across the school as a means to...
  • improve writing across the school;
  • improved fluency in maths;
  • secured a local, cultural and creative curriculum with a range of provision for all children;
  • strengthened equalities through pupil voice.

Our actions improved:

  • outcomes at the end of EYFS;
  • consistent outcomes in year 1 phonics screening;
  • outcomes at the end of KS1, especially in maths;
  • outcomes in English in KS2.




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