Plan 2021 – 2022

 Leyburn Primary School Development Plan 2021-2022

Inspiring us to be the best we can be’  


Leyburn Primary School  values being at the heart of the local community.  We believe in working and learning together to develop all aspects of the child, giving them the skills to be confident young people, able to play an active role as adults in modern society.  Children are trusted and given the freedom to learn within the boundaries of what is expected from them. We aim to provide the best academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural education possible and we expect all involved with the school to contribute to this. 

We are a self-improving school, building on our strengths and acknowledging that any weaknesses are also opportunities for growth.

Following on from our successful school development plan 2020-21, we are now focusing on the next stage of our improvement:

Leyburn Primary School  Development  Plan 2021-22

The school development plan is the vehicle used to translate our vision into reality and is not to be seen as a static or final document; it represents the formal outcomes of a continuous and regular process of review and evaluation of the school’s priorities. It also pre-supposes that changes and additions will be made in the light of progress with priorities, changed circumstances and Government legislation, especially in the light of Covid-19 and the uncertainty that this brings. This document has been discussed and agreed with the senior leadership team, staff and governors and it reflects the major priorities for development within the school. The subsequent action plans are supplemented by subject specific action plans and the performance management targets of all staff. 

Quality of education

  • Curriculum (intent)

The curriculum is well-structured and well-taught. Each subject  is planned and sequenced clearly towards end points and the whole curriculum reflects the local context and remains as broad as possible. There is a blend of face-to-face and online learning so that the school continues to be well prepared for any future  local and national lockdowns.

Gaps in learning, such as fieldwork in geography and singing and performance in music, for example, as a direct result of  these lockdowns, are identified and addressed rapidly and  systematically so that the school ensures that all children receive their full curriculum entitlement. 

Early language development and reading are prioritised as we know that this will have the most impact on each child’s future success.

  • Teaching (implementation)

Teachers have expert knowledge and address the needs of all pupils. They are committed to continuing professional development and seek advice and support from subject specific associations where necessary. Support staff are well-supported to develop expertise, particularly in addressing individual needs of children. They support all children to keep up, rather than catch up.

  • Assessment (impact)

Assessment is used effectively to help pupils embed knowledge and use it fluently. All subjects are assessed, both formatively and summatively, without adding unnecessarily to teacher workload. Regular low stake retrieval tasks take place so that children know more and remember more.

  • Standards (impact)

Standards in are rising. The lowest 20% assessed in reading, writing and maths  have their needs met effectively through targeted interventions.  

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Safeguarding, including SEMH, is a key priority, with a focus on online safety and peer on peer abuse.
  • Attendance and punctuality are a focus.
  • The school and all staff have a clear and growing awareness of the traumatic effect of adverse childhood experiences and are proactive in identifying and addressing these issues .
  • Outdoor play at lunchtime is prioritised and resourced.

Personal  development

  • Children are encouraged to develop into responsible, respectful and active citizens, ready to play their part in an uncertain and unpredictable future.
  • British values and character are threaded through all of our activities.
  • Children are supported to be healthy, both physically and mentally, both inside and outside.

Leadership and management

  • The school and all leaders are resilient to change and can respond rapidly and proactively to any issues resulting from Covid 19, including recovery from learning loss and catch up for those children effected.
  • Leaders have high expectations with a clear focus on the quality of education provided for children.
  • Staff workload and well-being are prioritised.
  • The LGB is strengthened and acts as a critical friend to the school.