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esson Study

Lesson study is a way for teachers to work together to develop their understanding of the teaching and learning process.  Senior staff attended the National Lesson Study Conference in London.

Lesson StudyLesson Study


Lesson Study – the story so far…

  Lesson Study is a course of action where teachers work together to plan classroom lessons, observe the teaching and learning experience during the lesson, analyse the content and delivery, and then make changes in the lesson to make it better. At the heart of Lesson Study is the concept that all students can learn and all teachers can improve.  Research suggests that teachers filter out about 70% of what is happening every day in their classrooms just to teach the lessons they have planned.

  This approach allows good practice from all areas of the school to be shared, for example, from courses which have been attended.  It gives the class teacher more “eyes” to see what is happening to particular children in the class during times when they are focussed on the teaching or a group of children. Lesson Study allows teachers to take risks in a safe environment because the responsibility of the lesson belongs with everyone in the triad.  It moves away from observing the teaching and observes the learning and how it is taking place during the lesson.  Lesson Study is a very cost effective form of CPD and has been shown to have more of an impact on outcomes that sending teachers on one off courses or getting people in to do after school training.

  Lesson Study is an intensive process and requires a strong commitment from school leaders in order for it to be successful.  School leaders need to ensure sufficient time is given to teachers to plan, observe and discuss their findings.

  Our teachers have been put into “triads” – a minimum of three members of staff in each group is suggested. We have chosen to try to put a teacher from each key stage (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)  in to each one.


Feedback from staff triads


Feedback from staff has been very positive. 

 'Despite my reservations because of time etc I actually found it very useful. It is a good way to share good practice and share ideas, particularly with staff you don't see often. The idea of focusing on a group of children is a far better idea than trying to observe the teaching.’

‘I feel that our triad got much more from it than we would have done if we were observing the teaching.
It didn't take as much time as I thought it would. ‘

‘I think now we have done one it will be easier to do the next one and by linking the focus to the SDP made it just fall into place naturally.’

‘I definitely think we should do more in the future as it's a good way to monitor children's learning but also identifies staff strengths that can be celebrated and shared.’

‘It was great having others in the class to observe a small group of children (something that I don't do enough of) and help make suggestions to enhance their learning.'

It was good to observe in another class and have time to discuss with different members of staff. It helped me as an NQT to experience the progression from early years into other year groups.’

   Staff weren’t very enthusiastic about it initially because they thought that it was just another “observation”.  After completing a Lesson Study that attitude has completely changed and they can see the benefits for the children and themselves.  It has allowed them to change their practice to benefit the children.  They realised that other staff weren’t observing them.  They like the flexibility that Lesson Study allows – it doesn’t always have to be a whole hour, target children could be observed for part of a lesson in order to make suggestions to support their learning.


Positives of Lesson Study

  • Adapting ideas for use in other classes and year groups.
  • Not much impact on time.
  • Supportive
  • Gives confidence – we all have a contribution to make, regardless of what stage we are at in our career.
  • Good to share ideas and watch other classes.
  • Whatever our level of experience we always have something to learn and something to offer.

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