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We are Readers

Reading at Leyburn Primary School 

Ensuring that your child learns to read is a priority for both parents, carers and school. We have attached our procedures in school. Of course, reading can happen outside of school and the reading record! Here is a link for a page on our website for other ways to support and encourage your child and another link for more detail of our policies and procedures. Above all, our aim is that your child enjoys reading because...


'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.' Dr Seuss


Guided reading
Agreed Procedures:

  • From Year 1 onwards guided reading sessions should take place daily (outside of the main English lesson) and should last about 30 minutes.
  • The books used for guided reading sessions should be more challenging than the level that the children have for their reading book which they take home.
  • Guided reading books should not be taken home.
  • The class teacher/TA should work with each group at least once a week.
  • Independent activities should be of high quality and have a clear objective to move the children’s learning on.
  • Planning/record keeping sheets should be completed for each group which will then be used as the assessment to inform target tracker.
  • All teachers should have and maintain a guided reading file containing any guidance, assessments and planning using the guided reading record sheets. These should be made available for the SLT and reading subject lead for monitoring purposes.
  • Where necessary, children will be listened to individually.
  • Parent helpers can be used to listen to individual readers.
  • IDL will be used for pupils who need extra support to make more progress. This needs to be done 3 x 15 minute sessions a week.



Reading Records – Guidelines for use at LPS

  • We would like parents to write in when they have listened to their child read, even if it is just an initial or smiley face.  This should be encouraged at parent/teacher consultation evenings and in termly newsletters.  LH will do an example page for parents so they have an idea of what is expected.
  • Children can write in their reading records.
  • Old reading records should be kept in school for the year that the children in that year group.  A new reading record does not need to be given every new year, they can be continued. 
  • Guided reading should be recorded in the reading record (using the stamp) when it has taken place with the teacher/TA.  A comment can be added or a stamp.
  • Any reading done with the CT/TA or another volunteer in school should be recorded in the reading record to show how often children are actually reading in school.


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