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“If you able to solve the problems in MATHS, then you are also able to solve the problems in your LIFE"



The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.

Charles Caleb Colton



Approach to the teaching of mathematics at Leyburn Primary School


At Leyburn we encourage a love of mathematics for all children.

Our aim is to:

  • give children a lifelong love of mathematics.
  • ensure that children become fluent in fundamental/core skills of maths.
  • ensure that children use the fundamental/core skills they have gained to solve mathematical problems and reason mathematically.
  • support children who don’t make expected progress.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Children benefit hugely by exposure to mathematics from an early age.  With this in mind the children learn number rhymes and songs, and have access to a wide variety of equipment (such as objects to count, jigsaws, Numicon, number lines, maths games, rulers, measuring jugs etc) in the Foundation Stage to enable them to develop the fundamental skills of counting, reading and writing numbers and addition and subtraction in practical situations. At Leyburn Primary School the children have daily maths sessions and are also exposed to mathematics through enhanced, structured play.


Key Stages 1 and 2

From Year 1 upwards, the children have a daily maths session using the Big Maths approach. This format begins with the CLIC – Counting, Learn Its, Its nothing new and Calculation (this takes up to 20 minutes). A CLIC display in Year 1.A CLIC display in Year 1.The rest of the session is used to enhance the calculation part of the CLIC covered, including ‘mastery’ or other areas of the mathematics curriculum through investigations, reasoning and problem-solving.

Numicon is the main resource that is used to support understanding of number and calculation.

Numicon display in Year 1. Numicon display in Year 1.


 The daily maths sessions for Y1, 3 and 5 consist of CLIC maths/mastery. The daily maths sessions for Y2, 4 and 6 consist of CLIC maths/mastery and other areas of the maths curriculum.


At Leyburn School the children in Key Stage 1 are also exposed to all areas of mathematics through enhanced, structured play. The children in Key Stage 2 are  exposed to all areas of mathematics through cross curricular links within their topic work (eg data handling in science, place value in history).

















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