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Our rationale for geography can be found here.

The following units are taught each year:

Geography Long Term Plan – LFS to Y6 2020-2021


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2





Caring for the living environment

Local Geography




Exploring the local environment  

(School and Leyburn)


Travelling to other places

(Map work/direction)

Hot & Cold


(Know that we live in England)

Year 1


Geographical skills & field work taught and then applied through maths, PE, Science & ICT




Around Britain

(4 countries of UK, capital cities, significant landmarks, UK Seas)

Around the World

(Continents & Oceans)

Year 2


(Villages, towns & cities)




World Geography  

(hot and cold places including comparing Brazil to Britain)


Year 3

Counties of England

(Important human/physical landmarks)




The Yorkshire Dales  (dale, moor, scaur, fell)

Local Fieldwork  (visit to Hawes)

Year 4

Northern Europe





Rivers & Water Cycle


All Around the World

(biomes, vegetation belts)

Year 5

Powerful Earth (volcanoes, mountains earthquakes)


(Compare N & S Rainforests)




Impact of Tourism on places


Year 6





Fairtrade – deforestation economic / trade links, distribution of resources

Micro-adventure – planning a local walk



Geography skills and fieldwork will be linked to other curriculum subjects throughout the year – e.g. maths, PE, ICT, history, science.

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