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Pupil Voice

Forum families activity afternoon- our first suggestion!


The house captains had a talk to their houses about homework and the amounts they’re getting. The children decided that they needed more time to complete their homework; they decided that their homework should be given on a Monday and handed in the next Monday. The children thought that they should find maths or homework helping websites, or to have a homework club where teachers can give them extra help. We also noted that the children wanted a timetable to explain to them when their homework was due.  Year six have homework diaries to keep track of homework and all the other classes would like homework diaries as well.  Children would like more topic homework instead of just maths and English. We also noted that each year would like a timetable given on Monday with all the homework on.  Most of the children said that they would like more homework but some parents don’t like masses of homework! The children said that they wanted to have all of their work in school and their homework based on their topic work. Some of the children thought they had too much homework and some think that they need more (some are in the same class and disagree!) Homework can interfere with outside of school clubs so the children wanted a certain time to do it in; they said that within their weekend they don’t want homework they want time to relax and play! 

House Captains - October 2015

Visual logs in Year 6

The children in Year 6 are creating a diary of their achievements over the course of the year.


Please follow this link to view Ben's and this link to view Katie's.

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